Detail, Alexandra Zealand’s Third Altered Book: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (Washington, DC)

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Detail, Alexandra Zealand’s Third Altered Book: Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (Washington, DC)
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Image by takomabibelot
From the artist’s statement, posted onsite at Artomatic 2008:
"This book / sculpture is part of an ongoing collaboration with the Arlington Public Library, entitled Transformed Books. These are extra copies of popular titles, withdrawn from the Library’s collection, and intended for the Library’s ongoing used-book sale. I choose a book that looks interesting to me, read it for the first time, and then transform the interior by cutting, ripping (and in this case burning), adding paint and glue, and installing foreign materials, in order to reflect the book’s emotional core. …"

And here is one of the many passages from the book that I’ve gone back to read more than once:
"…Years later he’d stood in the charred ruins of a library where blackened books lay in pools of water. Shelves tipped over. Some rage at the lies arranged in their thousands row on row. He picked up one of the books and thumbed through the heavy bloated pages. He’d not have thought the value of the smallest thing predicated on a world to come. It surprised him. That the space which these things occupied was itself an expectation. He let the book fall and took a last look around and made his way out into the cold gray light." — on p. 187 of the 20th printing of the Vintage paperback.

For more on Alex Zealand, see her Artomatic page here:

More photos of this copy of McCarthy’s The Road on her blog here:

Pics of the first two transformed books in the series here:

For bibliographic records describing Zealand’s artist books in the Arlington Public Library, see:…


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