Descending into the Badlands

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Descending into the Badlands
the pick up artist

Image by Stuck in Customs
You know, I was just realizing that I spent a nice part of last summer digging up dinosaurs with Jack Horner in the badlands of Montana, and I’ve hardly posted any photos!

Well, now we are starting to get a "bit" closer to the dinosaurs… Here we are, descending down through the sandstones of time into the belly of the beast. Just a few more feet down, and we are getting into the cretaceous. Getting from the top to the bottom is a little treacherous, but I find it helps to follow a smart paleontologist when trying to figure out the best way to traverse the mudstones.

Not too far from here, I picked up a hadrosaur vertebrae, which I now keep here on my desk at home, among a panoply of other 90 million year old dinosaur fossils that I was lucky enough to find.

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the glass turned out of the mold
the pick up artist

Image by Tracy Lee
After a minute of two the mold is flipped over on this board and the glass is banged out of it – it is obviously still super hot. Then it’s picked up (with industrial fireproof gloves) and placed into an oven. It is turned out onto the wood board instead of the metal table because the metal would cause too much of a temperature change in the glass and cause it to crack. The molds are thrown away – one time use only – the heat of the glass pretty much destroys them. The glass is black because of the graphite, that will be polished off it later once it has been brought down to room temp – about 12 hours in an oven at a slow temp reduce so the inside temp and the outside temp remain the same – no cracking. I believe the key to the entire process is DONT CRACK THE GLASS and it seems that just about everything you do can lead to this.

K34 Bee
the pick up artist

Image by cee emily
These illustrations were scanned from "Spacecraft 2000-2100 A.D." by Stewart Cowley. I picked up the book from the Houston Public Library Book Sale. It is part of the Terran Trade Authority Handbook series, which wikipedia says is a set of books published in the late 70s about made up space worlds. Illustrations were provided by J.S. Artists, Ltd.


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