deadmau5 – Some Chords

Pick up all deadmau5′s music here: deadmau5 – Some Chords from Ultra Music. Buy the single here: Ultra Music is one step ahead in the world of dance music and is a leading independent electronic label. Ultra’s current roster includes North American artists deadmau5, Wolfgang…
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Every girl loves a sexy accent – most of the time. We sent Rob out to try his British accent on a sexy red head beauty. Subscribe Facebook: Tweet-tweet: Myspace: Declassified: DiGiTS is…
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  3. How the fuck can you compare DeadMau5 with Skrillex??? They are totally different things! You MUST be a real fucktard…

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  9. Then why does your comment show ‘Top Tracks for Deadmau5′ ? If you hate them so much you wouldn’t write this comment with that playlist there. You contradiction asshole.

  10. deadmau5 is unbelievably talented. The man gave up a career in programming to do this and his intelligence shows. All of the sounds he uses to make this stuff are made by him. He doesn’t sample (usually). That’s impressive. His studio looks lke something out of a bond villians lair. So many lights and wires everywhere, lol.

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  13. She was apparently a hurry, but stops when he starts to switch up the accents. She was humored by this and he could have totally picked her up if he stopped the accents and just got serious.

  14. all of this guys vieos are played out. theyre all actors, the girls act too.its so fucking obvious and annoying, can he just shut the fuck up -_- jesus.

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