Dating Tips For Men – How To Get A Girlfriend – dating tips for men? Click here if you want to know how to get a girlfriend and get dating advice that actually works! Don’t be single any longer! – Dating advice for men. Why can some guys easily sleep with many women in a month, while other guys can’t even get a girl to like them?


17 thoughts on “Dating Tips For Men – How To Get A Girlfriend

  1. It is nearly impossible to find girlfriend in Turkey. Although I tried my best to save girlfriend for 5 years, I am still single. I don’t recommend to any foreign men to visit Turkey. Turkish girls are stupid.

  2. many women have preconceptions that men are ‘players, losers, pervs, weirdos’ etc so we don’t have much of a chance really

  3. I don’t know the first step in talking to a women, I’ll start hyperventilating my heart goes out of control, and I start thinking about all the bad outcomes, I’m completely lost and forsaken when it comes to women.

  4. @TheKatyLady1: Alright but what exactly is defined as boring?!..i dont consider myself boring cuz i dont sit around all day, i work, i have several hobbies, tuning cars and and working out..i love being out of the house no matter what the activity is, im not picky on any activity!..In general, im active, i can plan things or do things spontaniously at random if im still considered boring after all these things, then i dont know the definition boring, and how NOT to be boring!..

  5. also what does it mean when a girl thats gone cold, still maintains contact and stuff, but after a while when you’re done playing her “games” and tell her you’re done with the bull, she holds it against you, or gives you an excuse for the guy to loose her number and forget about her?!..its like she is telling you to cut off ties with her, is it so she doesnt feel guilty if she has to do it?!

  6. The problems is every girl i’ve been with always thinks there is somebody better out there, and some of them if they got the guts, flat out say that!!..the keeping them interested thing is the hard one for me, even though i act normal, not shy, not tense nor nervous, and i’m completely myself and it still doesnt work!..they just go cold after a while…

  7. @ekuna91 Women are/can be just as shallow as men, men are shallow based on looks women are shallow on money, looks and probably 400 other characteristics/traits. Maybe we are just afraid to admit that no matter how “confident” or whatever else you are, if women are shooting you down all the time ( as it happens to me) that maybe you just aren’t attractive to women. I’ve learned this and accept it, life goes on

  8. You could just be my new hereo at this rate…….am going to check out that site tomoz

    Thanks very much for the vid and good luck fellow guys out there

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