*Dating tips for Men,* * How to Flirt with Women Tips* *from a Women*

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Video Rating: 3 / 5


33 thoughts on “*Dating tips for Men,* * How to Flirt with Women Tips* *from a Women*

  1. What if you have KFC or Big Burger uniform on and you see the girl of your dreams and suddenly mint you try to toss in your mouth lands in some Ex linebacker’s 5 yr old little girls sprite.

  2. I just had to click on this. I recently went on something about how women catch a player and aparantly a main one to catch a player is that the guy will keep eye contract and will smile. On this the woman says keep eye contact and smile?

  3. Don’t jump to conclusions-I don’t shave 7 days a week, why not? Not b/c I can’t take of myself b/c I have a BIG scar on my neck it has to be their otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to put in this device that’s like a pace-maker but is for my seizures-the device runs next to my heart, through my neck, & 2 my brain. I became so sick of people asking me what the scar on my neck is for & having to explain what a seizure is I decided shave 2-3 x’s a week, & the rest of the week- scar’s covered!

  4. Here is what you woman want from men girls. And guys listen up how to get girls. 3 things you need are listeded below
    1: Money
    2: Cars
    3: More money
    You dont need brains, nor looks, just show em the money. Thats what i do :D
    and it works as hell

  5. @impuredeath2 ????? uh…..that’s a dog, not a cat……that’s kind of frightening that you can’t tell the difference……I’m going to leave you alone now, as you kinda freak me out.

  6. A guy walks in, dressed nicely with flowers. He tried to make a conversation. “This guy is such a loser. He doesn’t deserve any ounce of respect. This gal is such a slut. She’s got 4 kids; her life is ruined.”
    Despite his good looks, this guys IQ just dropped 20 points!!
    If you’re going to bash someone on the first date, then you must have lots of anger. Nobody wants to date a bully, so show a little bit of decency.

  7. Hey,

    Love the flirting moves and advice.

    Great video and I enjoyed your input. Please boogie over to my channel subscribe, friend me, comment and give me your input.

    Go out and make it a great day!
    Lloyd Dobson :)

  8. I once knew a married woman who told me she loves her dog more then her husband — could you also be the same as? why is your dog in all of your videos and not your husband? relationship goes both ways so should we hear from the men’s side?

  9. Is this broad for real? How can anyone take this gal seriously, and this chick is a “flirting expert” with men.

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    Some Help My Email Is Justaskday@yahoo.com You Can Direct Any questions there anytime day or night! And You Can Rest assured To Get My Honesty Real And Straight From The Heart, And Experience! I Love To Help Ppl And Giving Advice And Also Taking It Right Back ^-^ So Guys And Girls Are Welcome Your Name Will Not B Mentioned In Any video If You Dont Want That Also Just Let Me Know! another video coming soon

  11. hey everyone, not trying to spam or anything, but I just started a relationship advice site and im providing free advice for anyone who has a question, you can remain anonymous and I will try my best to help you
    simplymenandwomen. com
    thanks christina

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