Dating Tips For Men – Approaching Women & Friend Zone Questions Answered!

More At This is a quick video by Stephan Erdman (Stephan Erdman Coaching Authentic Game) answering several questions posted under his youtube videos. Topics include: “How to approach a girl who’s with a guy” and why and how to playfully and charmingly hint at “friend zoning” a girl who you might be flirting with. On top of it all Stephan reveals the mystery behind why he is able to help so many guys with their dating without rich parents or a sugar mommy! Gripping stuff! To get access to Stephan’s life changing programs just go to his youtubechannel and follow the links or go to http::// Thanks for watching! ;-) Dating Tips For Men


23 thoughts on “Dating Tips For Men – Approaching Women & Friend Zone Questions Answered!

  1. That sucks man, but one thing I’ve learned about women is that they can change their minds easy. It has happened to me too and still I got the girl..Twice! haha. Just be the cool guy you know you are and you will get respect! Girls usually push us away when we want them too bad. If you are upfront and just genuinely nice you will find a nice one ; )

  2. Honestly…women aren’t that complicated. They make perfect sense in general when you put yourself in their heels for a while and learn to have a bit of empathy. To be honest…some guys out there that shall remain unnamed have smartly created this idea that women “don’t make sense” and any normal man can’t ever understand them without going to their $3000 bootcamp. Part of my mission in life is to prove that you can attract women without turning into a pick up obsessive. ;-)

  3. Yes, I can. the best book on attracting women I know of is my book Approach At Will Ebook. Hope that helps. Stephan ;-) 

  4. It still surprises me, how some people do not know about Zuntramax Secrets (google it), despite the fact that many people get good result because of this dating tips. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Zuntramax Secrets, I have completely get rid of my shyness, and finally escaping the friendzone

  5. SUPER SHY GIRL”she is very shy kind off,she always try to stares at me when im not looking at her and quckly hide their face,she becomes red some tym in front of me,her friends knows i like her alot.they smile ,if sha has back then her friends trying to turn her around n set the chair in front of me..she always smile when they tease her. i noticed so many tyms when i enter the canteen her femaile friend whispers her “ur man is coming” she giggles and hold her hand :) continue…..

  6. .she truily likes me 1000 of sign she gave me, .her parents are so strict she never had a friend told her directly in front of her grup”dat he likes you .she intrupted and said m not intrested. i dont give any attention to her. she was like fish without water.when i was going to the exit she come fast in my way not accidently,she knew that he is coming :) den i suddenly stop and stand straight like fool.her firends laugh at me and i back n hide my self .she bloked me on facebook..

  7. Don’t approach a girl from behind unless you have a good reason. Tapping on the shoulder? Avoid this too. It makes girls nervous. In a bad way. S.

  8. Hey, I tried approaching this girl in my college, she was with her friends, I approached her from behind, gestured her shoulder and then spoke, I only said Hey, however, when she did reply, she seemed shocked, and said “I can’t talk right now”. Then walked off. I am quite worried whether I came off creepy and or messed.

  9. I like watching your videos and I understand them all but it just starts to get very overwhelming with how complicated girls seem to be. It’s like I’m trying to become a pro baseball player it’s never gonna happen lol

  10. I’m a frustrated 19 almost 20 year old guy who never had a girlfriend. I’ve been looking at your videos seeing if they can help me be better with women. One of the problems I have with your videos is that it doesn’t offer a step by step process, only a bunch of random advice.

  11. There have been nights out where I have met a girl and we have talked, got each other numbers and kissed, and these nights are usually pretty good for both of us. After this though I just get pure obsessed with them and I start acting like we’re going to be together forever! I keep sending all these text messages to them and before I know it I’ve managed to f**k everything up. It seems that whenever they show me the slightest bit of interest I just get sucked right in. What should I do Stephan?

  12. I really liked your video about what mindset works when on a date (trying to answer how to make this fun for us) so i want a to know what mindset (summ it up in a Question, likie you did, please) should i try to answer when talking foe the first time with a women and want her to feel attracted to me? TY in beforehand

  13. hey dude im 17 yrs old only have been with a girl for 3 yrs on internet only saw her on cam never in real life now im feeling too old and im not good at starting convs i really need help im feeling hopeless at this women like me but i always got nothing to say and they just >.> and dont talk to me anymore…….please help me ty:)

  14. “You’re worried about that this guy will speak to her afterwards saying ‘oh, what a dick’ /…/ Maybe he’s gay” – I doubt that in this case that’s a good news for a heterosexual man… x)

  15. Hey man. I am not stephan but i know a thing or two about girls. So look, this situation you are in i was there too. So look girls will never show you in person that they like you just like that. You have to show her. So what you have to do is just kind of talk to her and show her that you want her to show you. But the main thing is making her feel comortable around you. I hope this helps you out.

  16. fair enough guess practice makes perfect eh?
    ive actually met a few nice girls through mutual friends recently and really enjoying their company so something may be on the horizon, cheers (Y)

  17. This is exactly true, I had a guy flirt with the girl I was flirting with by starting a conversation with me then slowly moving to her.

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