Dating Advice: Target Women

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24 thoughts on “Dating Advice: Target Women

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  2. im a single sophomore and i barely understood half of what they were talking about!!! :D *happily clueless*

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  4. @palipride47 Surely, you’re clever enough to realize that anybody of any gender(s) can form meaningful relationships with another person. Hopefully you also realize that a female same-sex relationship has every bit of potential to be abusive and destructive. Try not to get used to the idea that you’re so highly evolved, your rhetoric is just enforcing the same patriarchal bullshit that you’re pretending to reject.

  5. @OrganOwner well, you’re slut shaming by way of comparing human beings to locks. so yes, you should probably feel bad. arbitrary, antiquated, unrealistic ideas about human sexuality…ew.

  6. is dedicated to cool men who worship single women seeking cool men for friendship, casual dates, romance and even marriage. If you don’t connect with single women of your own age then maybe it’s time you explored the hidden pleasures of an age gap relationship. Single women can bring an exciting new dimension to relationships.

  7. @mouse264 Because naturally it’s hard for a man to get a lady and there are A LOT of do’s and don’ts in order to get a lady, much less a lot of them. It’s easy for a woman to get multiple guys. Basically, A key that can open multiple different locks is considered a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many different keys is considered a shitty lock.

  8. @mouse264

    A master key that opens any lock is an awesome key.

    A lock that can be opened by any key is just a shitty lock.

  9. I understand what they meant with “Tinkerbell”. Tinkerbell was in love with Peter Pan the eternal boy. He couldn’t love anyone in a “grown-up” way.

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  11. I really hate that all this “dating advice” that people give always seem to forget that we’re all HUMAN BEINGS and that we’re all DIFFERENT. It seems so simple, and yet… ugh!

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