Dating Advice – Is it better to text or call a girl? (advice)

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25 thoughts on “Dating Advice – Is it better to text or call a girl? (advice)

  1. Hey Thad I’m 17 in high school and go to parties lots how can I hook up with girls there and how should I dress and act?

  2. I clicked on it cuz it was on the left side of a current video I was watching and I wanted to see what advice guys really have for guys and if its valid. LOL Silly boy!

  3. well if your on this video too then what were you doing?? you were either here for what you just said or you just came here to hate like a beta

  4. Ok so ive been dating this girl shes a senior but im only a sophmore (15) and now shes asking me if i wabt to fuck what do i do ?

  5. yea I had the same problem many times I usually just text her two times and wait for a reply when that happens it also depends on the type of girl she is

  6. Well, it all depends on her character. If she seems like a slut he may as well proceed and bang dat pussy… Otherwise, he will just lay low as you said.

  7. Hey. their is this girl that is16 n i’m 14 and our mom are friends and i just don’t know what to talk aboutin front of her or should i just keep looking at her

  8. Yeah but when you texting most of text is about nothing and its lame, i like just call and arrange like a meeting point or smth, and then have like 3 hours alone. Hate to text all day long… its just stupid, being your phone all day long, you can miss a lot :)

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