Dating Advice: How to give a Girl a Kiss she’ll NEVER Forget for over 500 dating advice videos you can’t see on youtube! Bring out your inner-awesomeness so you can improve your love life. Go to and upgrade to a Premium Membership! * You will get Instant Access to Full versions of 500+ videos that will solve your dating problems! + you will get all my NEW videos that you can’t get anywhere else! Go to to become a fan on Facebook. A girl will never forget your kiss if you gently caress her lower lip with your lips… then you softly touch her tongue with your tongue, then you slowly breathe in as you stomp on her foot as hard as you can! That’s a kiss she’ll never forget! HA HA HA! Then, after the emergency room doctors untwist your testicles, come back here and I’ll tell you how to kiss her the right way. :)
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49 thoughts on “Dating Advice: How to give a Girl a Kiss she’ll NEVER Forget

  1. this is actually really good advice. just confirming it with techniques and observations i’be made in the past. kissing is definitely mental and can sometimes be more exciting for the girl than sex.

  2. very hilarious everyone wants to know about a kiss. what about the people who never kissed a girl? [; this is so funny! hehehe wow I’ve seen some of your vids and they are really funny for some reason.

  3. I put up a video on my page giving guys advice and telling them what girls basically look for in guys! Lemme know what you guys think! Thanks! :)

  4. The awkward moment when the title says ‘Girls don’t watch’ but the video is most popular with Female 13-17
    Male 18-24
    Male 13-17

  5. I used to do that stuff when i was like 12-14…but once your in your 20′s just be real about it…if your on a movie date, the popcorn thing would be kinda lame with older women…just put your arm around her as soon as the movie starts…she’ll appreciate your boldness and confidence…..confidence is everything ..woman respond to confidence more than anything.

  6. And if ur gonna put in caps “GIRLS DON’T WATCH THIS” what do you think we’re gonna do?

    He knew anyways lolz :)

  7. Everyone, I KNOW he’s aware of that, I made the comment when I first watched it. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.
    Quit sending me these comments, I’ve already gotten three of them. I get the point.

  8. holy crap my brain has been filled with amazing knowledge! what i wld say i dont like panties and when ur with her and guesss what noo panties!  lol

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