Dating Advice – Getting him to call you

Buy Matt Hussey’s 3 DVD set “Get the Guy”. Over 3 hours of invaluable advice Purchase at Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook You gave him your number and he hasn’t called – what do you do? Having worked with over a thousand people in the area of personal relationships and communication, Matt Hussey has become an expert in developing confidence and the personal skills needed to become successful in the area of generating relationships, networking, and influencing people. Buy the full set of Matt Hussey DVDs “Get the Guy” at Follow us on Twitter http Follow us on Facebook His own ability to influence and impact on others has led to his rapid recognition both as a private coach and a speaker in seminars for men and women alike. Feedback from his one-to-one training sessions proves just how successful he is at transferring these skills to others. His success in public speaking and understanding the psychology of people has allowed him to coach a huge variety of people on how to be more effective in every area of their lives.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


49 thoughts on “Dating Advice – Getting him to call you

  1. Thanks Matthew, this has certainly given me an insight into what I need to do in these situations :) Thankyou, I shall let u know if it works out :)

  2. I don’t think he looks anything like HP he may sound a little bit like him but I don’t see the resemblance at all maybe his eyes but that’s it

  3. I would suppose the next thing to do is find out what’s happening in town and start going to things. Then be friendly, exchange names & contact info with nice people you meet – letting them know you’re new in town and like to do (whatever you like to do – music? shows of some kind? or more events like the one where you met. I think that’s the “life” we need to have so we create our high value. We’re more interesting if we have those experiences in general. I need to do it, myself. :)

  4. haha, thats exactly what i´ve been thinking from the first time i watched his videos…”he´s so much like daniel radcliffe” :D

  5. ok…. what if you are like me…. i moved to a small new town with no friends so i cant hang out with friends i dont have so 1. i cant say im going out with friends do you wanna come too? and 2. that leaves me with no way of showing im “in demand”

  6. The way you think determines the outcome. You won’t know if that’s what’s gonna happen unless you try. Don’t get hung up on one person.

  7. lmao! as soon as he said that, i immediately looked down at the comments to see if someone wrote that and it was the first one hahah

  8. ahaha i have another tip; using a song line. Last time i texted out of nowhere: “Ur pretty fly for a white guy!” So this guy was texting back: “So you just called me a fly? :’( “”And i was like: ohh well im just listening to a song” and that made him curious what kinda song i ment and before we knew we had a nice (flirty) talk- it helps to get in that flirty zone and its also very safe because you can use the song for it, to not directly flirt.

  9. This still surprise me, how many people don’t know about Zuntramax Secrets (do a search on google), although lots of people get good result because of this dating tips. Thanks to my work buddy who told me about Zuntramax Secrets, I’ve completely get rid of my shyness, and finally date my crush

  10. With all the love & respect that I have towards you Matthew but I never ever going to try it :P
    It would just make me feel bad about myself, If he is not interested he is not. you might get his attention shortly or even get to go out some more time together but that will be it & it would not go anywhere,…

  11. If a girl is really confident, you can tell her she looks good with or without make up and not have problems. Don’t say, “You shouldn’t wear make up, b/c you look better without it.”. It could be taken the wrong way. It sounds like a compliment is turning into a command. Just say, “you look pretty this way.” when she’s not wearing make up. That way, it’s definitely a compliment.

  12. I’m a pretty confident guy and I do a good job with girls, but my friend is kinda shy and stuff so il link this channel to him, you know how it bring it :)

  13. Not really, some people just have confidence problems… This is helping some people so please get the fuck outta here.

  14. i think the reason why they take advice from DBTV is cause they have no one to turn to. i feel bad for some of them but idk. i guess i could understand why people feel the need to take advice from a complete stranger. i guess theres just two ways to look at it =/

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