Dating Advice for Women: How To Handle Men Who Won’t Commit

Empowering dating advice for women who are frustrated about dating their significant other for years without getting a commitment/marriage. General message- be prepared to leave to get what you want and don’t make the mistake of entering a long-term relationship without the expectation of exclusivity and commitment again.
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25 thoughts on “Dating Advice for Women: How To Handle Men Who Won’t Commit

  1. This is information every woman should know. You’re really good at driving home the message :)

    Keep up the great work Dr. Tartt!

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  3. I’m an awesome guy, pretty good looking, very kind, with massive cash, 35 an hour, nice rental property, nice house, but there’s no friggen way I’d ever get married.
    at 2:55 he says men fear losing “the one” more than they fear divorce. That isn’t true for me. You see I’m already happy and if I found “the one” I’d still be happy. If however I was dragged through family court, stripped of my assets, my income and my family, I’d probably take my own life. Divorce = death for me & I won’t go there

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  6. i like this guy but he has a girlfriend but she not at our school .He is very flirty and he is always looking an touching i dont know what please help.

  7. Cont. marriage counseling I had to take before divorce stated that you shouldnt remarry til after 5 years of being divorced. An this is the longest relationship he has ever been in. I figured If i gave him 2 more years then I would have the right to say okay you dont want to marry me I am moving out. However part of me wants to pack up and move out now.

  8. How about being with him for 3 years baring him a son and Ive been extremely faithful. However he’s showing signs of cheating, and even though I have no hard core evidence he’s cheated. He said he would marry me and then after i had our son he said he wouldnt marry me. I am divorced and he’s divorced twice. I told him I am not going to wait forever to be married to him because this is ridiculous and to please give me a time frame. I figured I’d give him 2 more years.

  9. How about how to handle a man who’s already committed. He should know that just bc a girl looks at pics doesn’t mean anything. She prolly just cares about him and admires him. Hes prolly kind of amazing but there is a rite time for everything. Things hapn for a reason

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  12. IF i ever came across a man who can’t commit i’ll drop his a** like i wanna waste my time trying to find ways to make him commit!

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