Dating Advice-3 Infallible Dating Tips For Men You Can Never Forget 3 Dating tips for men that work. Dating advice for men make sure to apply these 3 tips. These are 3 dating tips for men that you can never forget while at any date. These are easy to apply and will give you wonderful results. Make sure you apply and visit the website for great and more in depth information about dating tips and advices for men.
Video Rating: 5 / 5 For the ultimate in dating tips for men, check out another video from Meet Your Sweet. It’s the ultimate dating advice that really works and gives you the skills to attract women.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


9 thoughts on “Dating Advice-3 Infallible Dating Tips For Men You Can Never Forget

  1. @crazymike44 How about the fact that this girl just mentioned that girls DO like men with good hygiene?
    Maybe you should start to listen to the girls themselves and learn how they work instead of plowing through The Game books or whatever all day.

  2. Hahahaha.. in Neil Strausses book he says, don’t take a shower for at least 3 to 5 days and watch how many women come on to you… to look dirty and discheveled, etc.

    Women don’t like men who are perfectly clean at all…

    I can’t tell you how many quality, educated, beautiful, women I know meet, date and go out with fat, out of shape, nasty guys and say, “I love him!!!” hahaha…

  3. Good advice and video! The basics are so important, hygiene and manners! This one hot girl I knew and slept with( good in bed). The problem was her breath stank and she smoked about 2 minutes before going to bed. She also cursed a lot as well. It put me right off. She wants moree of me because I am great in bed and well endowed, but I am not responding, to her texts and emails. Spelling, modesty and discression are also important traits too, as is a sence of humour.

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