Dating Advice :)

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24 thoughts on “Dating Advice :)

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  2. Dating Tip: If a “kiss me” moment comes use it because you never know when it is going to come back. Dont just start talking at that moment or telling your joke.

  3. OMFG i been talkin wit this girl for half the school year and i asked her out today and she said she needed the weekend to think abbout it she knew i liked her before and she was cool with it what WILL SHE SAY YES OR NO I NEED HELP

  4. u should get a ps3 and id like to join ur clan for ps3 if u get 1 and abviously u would have alot of players to play with and the xbox is cool too but the ps3 graphics way better and fyi u should movie ur xbox to ur big tv
    it would be awesome to play all the cod games with u :)

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