Creepy Pick-Up Artists: The Craigs – The Meth Minute 39

It’s about to get awkward… The Craigs are here. These sketchy dudes are the newest addition to the “Meth Minute 39″ family of oddballs. Director Dan Meth and Scott Kaufman created and star as the title characters: two guys who work in an office but socialize out on the sidewalk. So let the discomfort begin and ask yourself “What.. is… up?!” More Meth Minute 39 at Call the Meth Minute hotline 1-866-575-1384 Directed by Dan Meth Voices: Dan Meth Scott kaufman Lindsey Chen Lauren MacTaggart Additional art by: James Sugrue Music by: Michael Karp Subscribe! JOIN THE FREDERATION: Facebook! @ChannelFred on Twitter! Interweb!


25 thoughts on “Creepy Pick-Up Artists: The Craigs – The Meth Minute 39

  1. This is 100x funnier to me cause Tony Horton (that 54 year old douchebag from the P90X commercials) always says “It’s a beautiful thing”

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