Cool The Pickup Artist images

Some cool the pickup artist images:

the pickup artist

Image by ncculture
Mr. Blythe, of Blythe Farms, elaborates on his business at the Farmers’ Market. He and his wife arise at dawn each Saturday to bake sweet treats, harvest produce, and load their pickup with the day’s homemade jams, pies, granola bars, fruits, and muffins.

Night Pumps
the pickup artist

Image by sahlgoode
Okay! This is the shot I wished I could have taken. This has been heavily PS’d. I liked the original sooc, but felt like playing around for a bit.

We found this in the town of Didsbury. The owner fancied himself a bit of an artist, and had placed the objects as seen here. I loved the way it was all arranged, and the 11-16mm was the perfect lens to catch this shot. Thanks *Brightburn*


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