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Some cool the pick up artist images:

“Bing Necklace 1″ of Recycled Aluminum Cans (beginnings) ~ 1 of 2 photos
the pick up artist

Image by Urban Woodswalker
My work space yesterday. I pick up aluminum cans off the streets, and out of trash bins, bring home and wash throughly. Then I create something of value with them.

See next photo for the results….

Rotten (Copenhagen bilan?)
the pick up artist

Image by Pierre Marcel
February apple
Pierre Marcel. February 2000, France.
Acrylic on canvas 19 x 25 inches
Collection Ted Pierot, Palm Beach, USA.

I arrived in France in February 2000.
If the light is crisp, it is not the winter I expected. It’s cold, yes, but rainy! It was like a cheap grade school watercolor version of November, without the richness of autumn.
There is an abandoned cider-tree orchard in the middle of my village (Gisancourt). In this cemetery-like ambiance, I walked silently through, and in the coffins of patches of grass that survived the frost of January I picked up mommies of last year’s harvest. The desiccated brown apples were the richest colored gems Normandy offered me at that moment.


Posted by Chance Kendall on October 19, 2001
I really like the FEVRIER picture. It is most outstanding. I think the best part is the core of the apple exposing the tree inside. I think that it is a wonderful concept and you should keep up the good work. It also seems very graphic for some reason.


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