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Some cool the pick up artist images:

Annette Peacock – I’m The One
the pick up artist

Image by matlock
What an album cover. I’ve had two copies of this – an early one picked up in Glasgow that I stupidly traded, and then this copy that I picked up in Sheffield record store where it was hanging on the wall, much to the chagrin of my beat-diggin friend in the store with me, who had been after it for years.

Annette Peacock is an avant-garde jazz artist who experimented a lot with early synthesizers and vocal modulation in her work. She still gigs and records, and is vastly under-rated, maybe because her work is rarely as receptive to the mainstream as other slept-on female artists like Vashti Bunyan and Judie Sill.

I’m The One is a monster of an album, mixing free-jazz workouts with sleazy synth funk. ‘Pony’ is the stand out track, a filthy 6 minutes of sex-chat and moaning over a lazy, looping bass riff, skittering drums and sci-fi synths. has an excerpt here:


Shiva postcard ~
the pick up artist

Image by shantishakti7
picked this up in Vashisht ,Himachal by i am told a Russian artist ,the name on the art is apparently the artists guru ji.

If anyone knows more info. about this artist please tell me ! ~:-)

kanye west japanese edition.
the pick up artist

Image by brandon shigeta
cover work was done by the japanese artist murakami, so gotta pick up the japanese version cd.


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