Cool Relationship Advice images

Some cool relationship advice images:

Kate gets advice
relationship advice

Image by kio
These kids were selling advice for a nickel to raise money for Katrina victims. Katie gave them a quarter and asked about her relationship. The girl asked, well, do you like the guy? What’s his name? Then she faltered and offered the headphones for the "Find Your Flavor" toy instead. "I’m only ten years old. I don’t know. But you can find your flavor." Then she gave Katie a hug.

APE 2009
relationship advice

Image by rachelbinx
This was the table with all of the internet comic artists. I almost went fangirl on them. I also paid for some relationship advice and talked a guy’s ear off.

relationship advice

Image by actions_speak_louder
Young people from Southampton’s STAR project receiving their ‘Actions Speak Louder’ award. The STAR project trains young people from year 10 to act as peer-educators giving sex and relationship advice to year 8 pupils. With money from ‘Actions Speak Louder’ the project will be able to work with even more young people across Southampton.


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