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Area 27 – North Coast
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Image by TranBC
O’Brien Road & Bridge Maintenance Ltd was a finalist for the Highway Maintenance Award for Service Area 27 – North Coast.

O’Brien has consistently provided excellent community services, such as giving winter maintenance advice to the Village of Queen Charlotte.

They have also maintained exceptional relationships with the Haida and the other key stakeholders by assisting with fish passage improvements and brushing over and above ministry specifications.

O’Brien continues to find innovative ways of performing maintenance, such as constructing a well to ensure there is a water supply for maintenance activities and revising the design for rip rap for shoreline erosion protection.

Of particular note was an incident this fall when a windstorm dropped hundreds of trees on Highway 16 in Tlell and north of Port Clements. O’Brien’s rallied crews, posted advisories and had two lanes of traffic flowing in an exceptionally short period of time, given the severity of the storm.


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