Cool Pickup Girls images

Some cool pickup girls images:

Betty’s bizarre guitar
pickup girls

Image by Claudio Matsuoka
Took this pic with the cameraphone at the supermarket parking lot after noticing some anomalies in Mrs. Boop guitar.

This instrument has an interesting mix of technically correct and rather odd features. At first sight it might look ok: it has six strings, a bridge, tuners and H-H pickups, and even a 21-fret rosewood fretboard with correctly positioned dot marks. But look again: are the tuners mounted on the front of the headstock? And two pickguards? Also note the Fender-esque headstock (actually it looks like G&L), Les Paul style pickguard over P-Bass pickguard, Les Paul bridge and tailpiece, and the asymmetrical body shape similar to the DiPinto Mach IV guitar.

DSC_0392 – Version 2
pickup girls

Image by jasonmch
Keira goes to pickup her first pumpkin


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