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“Are you related to Sherlock Holmes?”
pickup girls

Image by This Year’s Love
This poor girl was asked by a real pickup artist, "Are you related to Sherlock Holmes?"
The look that came over her face was polite but clearly showed she didn’t think he was funny.
"No…why?" she asked cautiously.
"Because that says Sarah Holmes." (I can’t remember if her name was Sarah or not, I’m assuming.)
"Uh…" and then he mercifully had to leave with his other obnoxious friend and the little kids they were babysitting.
Dorks to the max.

People of Laos
pickup girls

Image by madaboutasia
Some Lao women who were riding with us in the packed pickup truck transport from Vang Vieng back to Vientiane. It was about a 2.5-3 hour ride, very bumpy and dusty.

This photo opportunity arose during the time we stopped to change a flat tire!


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