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Street Artist in La Rambla, Barcelona
pick up artists

Image by SpirosK
Street Artist in La Rambla
La Rambla is a huge pedestrian street lined up with shops, restaurants, street artists and tourists (and pick pockets).

pick up artists

Image by andyi
"Another Op’ning, Another Show…"

Someone was actually singing this song from "Kiss Me, Kate." It made me think I should actually carry some Starbucks gift cards in my wallet at all times. "You have randomly pleased me," I would say, handing one over. "Please allow me to buy you a cup of coffee, as a means of encouraging you to do that thing you do."

Yes, time for another Boston Comicon. a show that gets better, but critically not bigger, every year. It’s targeted to people like me. I want to get a chance to check out independent comics I hadn’t heard of, meet writers and artists whose work I’ve enjoyed for years, and maybe pick up last year’s trade paperbacks for the sort of prices that encourage sampling new stuff. Take a national con, remove everything awful that comes part and parcel with a major publisher or studio trying to hype next year’s movie or TV show or mega-event, and you’re left with something wonderful.

Doors opened at 10. Here’s the line at 9.

Okay. I’m going to go ahead and say this. There was a Very Odd Person in this shot. I’ve cropped him out but he would have been below and to the left of frame.

I got a shot of the line, because it’s part of the story of coming out to the Con. Dude starts arguing with me.

"Hey, I don’t want to be in your photo."

"Oh, I’m sorry," I say. "I won’t use it."

He was still a little cross. "Yeah, but you already have the photo, now!"

This got my dander up. I used my "patient, with an undertone of ‘I can’t believe I need to explain this to you, sir’" voice and explained to him that I wasn’t getting in his face and taking his picture, I was taking a shot of the enormous line to get in, and I also reminded him that he was on a public sidewalk…

…And then of course I remembered that I really didn’t need to explain myself. I had hoped to say something to make him realize how silly it is to expect a photographer to ask each of the 200 people in line, individually, if it’s OK to take a photo.

I do try to use sensitivity when I shoot. I’ve no desire to intrude on whatever experience someone’s having of make them feel unsafe or even just self-conscious. No photo is worth that, even if I have a legal right to take the photo.

Still! The name of the game is "reasonable expectation of privacy." God help ESPN if this guy ever attends a Red Sox game. "Hey!" he’d shout. "You have to ASK me before you pan the camera across Section J of the stands!"


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