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Woodcut illustration of Sophonisba committing suicide on the advice of her husband Masinissa, ordered to repudiate her by his ally Laelius
dating advice

Image by Penn Provenance Project
Woodcut illustration (leaf [k]10r, f. lxxxx) of Sophonisba committing suicide on the advice of her husband Masinissa, ordered to repudiate her by his ally Laelius, hand-colored in red, green, yellow and black, from an incunable German translation by Heinrich Steinhöwel of Giovanni Boccaccio’s De mulieribus claris, printed by Johannes Zainer at Ulm ca. 1474 (cf. ISTC ib00720000). One of 76 woodcut illustrations (1 on leaf [e]8v dated 1473), each 80 x 110 mm., depicting scenes from the life of the women chronicled (for a full list of subjects, cf. W.L. Schreiber, Handbuch der Holz- und Metallschnitte des XV. Jahrhunderts (Nendeln: Kraus Reprints, 1969), no. 3506). "Pour la première moitie le nom se trouve inscrit à côte de la tête de chaque femme, pour le reste il es ajouté entre les deux réglettes. Il n’y en a que trois, qui n’ont qu’un seul trait carré."–Schreiber.

Established form: Zainer, Johannes, ‡d d. 1541?.
Established form: Sophonisba, ǂd d. 203 B.C.
Established form: Masinissa, ǂc King of Numidia, ǂd ca. 240-148 B.C.

Penn Libraries call number: Inc B-720 All images from this book
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Mark demonstrates a pose he thought Nina should make for a photo to send to a prospective date
dating advice

Image by wetwebwork
she wisely ignored his advice….

dating advice

Image by Donkey Sanctuary Press Images

Today international animal welfare charity The Donkey Sanctuary has launched its 2011 tour dates for free donkey care workshops that are highly popular among the UK’s donkey-owning community.

The ‘D is for Donkey’ Tour covers diets, de-worming and daily checks and will be delivered by experts from the charity, which helps hundreds of thousands of donkeys and mules every year through 29 project countries worldwide.

The tour dates and destinations are:

Saturday 9th April – Lanark
Wednesday 20th April – Nottingham
Saturday 7th May – Leeds
Saturday 14th May – Kent
Thursday 26th May – Devon
Friday 17th June – Essex
Thursday 23rd June – South Wales
Saturday 9th July – Hampshire
Saturday 23rd July – North East England
Saturday 20th August – Northern Ireland
Friday 23rd September – Derbyshire
Saturday 24th September – Derbyshire
Saturday 8th October – Manchester

Ben Hart the Sanctuary’s donkey care training manager says: “We’ve all heard the old adage ‘you are what you eat’, but have you ever stopped to think exactly how this may also be true for your donkey? Join us for more practical tips on feeding, and learn how to create the correct diet for your donkey. We’ll also be looking at parasite control including de-worming, pasture management and learning how to assess you donkey’s health and manage his daily care.”

These hands-on, practical and interactive workshops are free and have proven extremely popular in previous years so early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Call the Welfare and Advice team on 01395 578222 for details.


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