Chris Rock’s Relationship Advice


25 thoughts on “Chris Rock’s Relationship Advice

  1. Actually, the best part, I think, – is when he goes “I’M OUTTA HERE!”… Because an ending as SUCH – is an amazing rarity. In fact, I don’t think I had ever seen an ending as such anywhere before in my life. ;)

  2. let me get my other fu**ing foot in the door, let me get som’thin to eat!, let me get som’thin to drink!! let me take a shi*!!!!! GO INTO THE FU**ING KITCHEN AND GIVE ME MY BIG PIEC’ O CHICK’EN!!!!! XDDDDD LOL

  3. When women say they want men to talk, they mean LISTEN and AGREE.
    The only time a man should listen to a woman is before the first time he bangs her.

  4. Hahah I hate when everyone does that shit. I been saying that for years. It’s like “we know we know, we all just watched it too”

  5. LMAO! But if this is true, then why does ANY straight man go on “The View?”
    Are they self loathing?

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