A few nice pick up artists images I found:

pick up artists

Image by Poppy Wright
Chris Hausbeck, a local Buffalo artist, arriving at our place to chat and pick up scrap metal-to be used for art. If you haven’t seen his stuff please go to:
Look through his sets. It’s great stuff! He also redesigned and built a club called Quote here in Buffalo. You can find photos of it in his stream.
Chris is also an all-around kick-ass nice and interesting guy.

he just picked his up
pick up artists

Image by purplbutrfly
Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons. ~Al Hirschfeld

146-365 year2 The Created In Birmingham Shop is Closed
pick up artists

Image by johngarghan
Take a photo every day in 2010
The website blog “Created in Birmingham” opened a shop in February, having been given the space by the Bull Ring Shopping Centre until a new paying tenant came along. That day has arrived and last Saturday the shop closed, then during the week artists have been calling in to pick up their unsold work and, were appropriate the money from the sales.

Pete Ashton who has been running the shop on a day to day basis and Chris Unit can now go back to their day jobs and get some sleep etc. Over the summer they are going to evaluate how they move the concept forward bearing in mind it has been a success despite being a “suck it and see”/ “learn on the job” type of organic thing. For more of a background visit my photograph posted during the initial handing in phase.

This Time Last Year…
My mate Ben was trying to fix my laptop, only problem no one knew how to take it apart, eventually, he found a way and everything’s been working great since then


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