Captive Detective

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Captive Detective
mystery method

Image by Chris Fritz
The door opened, and then closed again. A silhouetted man stood near the door, keeping his distance from the young man whose wrists were bound with rope. "Are you ready to talk yet?"

"I don’t suppose if I say ‘no’, you’ll delay this."

"You can’t keep this up forever," the silhouetted man said. He motioned a signal to the two guards on the other side of the room.

The guards responded immediately, pulling at a rope on the wall. The man with his hands tied, Daniel MacGuinness, lifted into the air.

"Tell me what I want to know," the silhouetted man said. "Start talking."

"You want talking? Let’s see…" The detective adjusted his wrists in the knotted rope over his head. "This never does get any more comfortable. A softer rope would have been an acceptable courtesy. And I still don’t find taking my clothes necessary. This room becomes terribly cold at night. So long as I’m nitpicking, could you tell the guards there are other ways to provide me with water than throwing it by the bucket full into my face?"

"Why do you continue to mock me, MacGuinness?" The man opened his briefcase. "How many more days must I employ the whip?" From the briefcase, the man pulled out a cat o’ nine tails. "I don’t like these methods one bit, but I cannot wait for this information any longer." He set the whip aside. "So today I have decided to bring this. Hopefully it will spare the whip" He lifted a figure from the briefcase, holding it up in the dimly lit room.

"A doll?" Daniel chuckled. "You plan to resolve things with a doll?"

"No matter how many times the whip strikes your back, you do not bleed. The markings it leaves vanish by the nest morning. You exist, and yet you claim to know nothing of your heritage? Very well. This, this will speak the truth." He took a step closer to Daniel, then another. Another step. As the man slowly moved across the room, the figure let off a dim glow. "The proof, at last."

"Proof of what?" Daniel asked him. "It’s proof you have a glow-in-the-dark doll."

"The truth is I’ve known all along who you really are. This was merely to prove you are Ciaran’s son, Daniel MacGuinness. I’ve known your history going back to when your grandfather and I were going to be business partners, until he left to fight in that blasted war."

Daniel tried to stifle himself, but his mouth opened wide as he laughed out loud. "My grandfather? Your father wasn’t even born when my grandfather piloted in the War. You, sir, are a delusional man. Still, you have brought me here, stripped me of my clothes, and subjected me to all manner of torture. Please, do continue, do tell me more about myself. I believe you were at the part where you knew my grandfather during the War."

"Do not be fooled by my middle-aged appearance, Daniel. Your grandfather would look half his age, too, had he kept this jewel figure in his position all his life. The fool didn’t realize the significance of your grandmother’s parting gift when the two went their separate ways. ‘This will one day let my son see his mother again,’ he told me, not even knowing how this jewel’s radiation slows the aging process, allowing me to keep young for so long." The man stepped closer, the figure’s glow brightening.

The shape of the figure slowly became clear to Daniel. His eyes widened as he realized the figure’s shape.

"Yes, Daniel." The man showed his teeth as he grinned. "This is the green jewel your father called jade. This is the figure carved in the shape of the leader of your grandmother’s homeland. The Jade Dalai Lama of Shambhala. I can see it in your eyes. You know this is the statuette your father became a detective to find. It’s what he wasted his life searching for. It’s the same jewel you’ve been after. Daniel MacGuinness, the great detective. He’s helped so many people. He’s solved so many mysteries. Yes, he’s such a wonderful person. And it’s all a lie, a lie so you could find this jewel. Tell me, grandchild of Shambhala, how does it feel having your grandfather’s precious jewel so near, and yet so far away?"

The man’s words faded as Daniel focused on the figure, memories from his childhood flashing through his mind.

Mt Nemrut’s Apollo
mystery method

Image by *saipal
Mount Nemrut in Flickr.

The 2150 m Nemrut Dağı in the Anti-Taurus range in south central Turkey is thought to be the burial site of the 1st century BC Commagene king, Antiochus I Epiphanes. During his reign the mountain was capped with a 150 m wide and 50 m high conical peak of fist-sized pieces of white limestone, graced with two temple compounds and many beautiful stone sculptures.

The shrine was unknown to all but local herders until 1881 and archaeological excavations in 1953 provided little insight into its methods of construction or ancient use and purpose. Thus, this massive undertaking remains a mystery.


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