Best Relationship Advice Period – Part 2

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Marriage and family life expert Dr. Gary Chapman answers questions from the Oprah’s Lifeclass audience—in the studio and on Twitter. Watch as he reveals his …


22 thoughts on “Best Relationship Advice Period – Part 2

  1. You cannot ask for comfort and care while denying it yourself, as you cannot blame people of being stereotypical while being a hypocrite.

  2. If a man comes home to his wife breast feeding his child and the house is a mess, it would be nice if he walked over to her, give her a hug, ask her if she’s okay. He needs to be supportive as we women need to be supportive to our men. This would mean the world to his woman and they would build a great relationship. We can’t ALWAYS look good all the time. This would be unrealistic, especially after having a baby.

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