WATCH HD & ENJOY! ***. A fan made video for Vitaly’s “How To Pick Up Girls” series. Hope you’d enjoy it. There ar…

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37 thoughts on “BEST OF HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS! (VitalyzdTv)

  1. Wow. Really. That old lady. (Slut) would give a much younger than her man. Her #? She’s 2 times his age

  2. I FOUND A PORN STAR (NOT FAMOUS) VITALY USED FOR ONE OF HIS VIDS ON HERE.. put this on the search bar- redtube (dot) com / 59326 the guy shows her license in the beginning of the video and it says florida and the girl looks exactly like the girl at 2:53 … the girl tht gets her ass kissed

  3. Dude a girl I have been dating for years dumped me and no joke your vids are really cheering me up. Thanks for the epic vids. Keep it up!

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