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Pitbull goes to Times Square to give people life advice. Picture that with a Kodak! SEE PART 2 HERE: MORE BARELY: Subscribe! Facebook! Mark’s stuff: Todd’s Stuff Get the songs on iTunes! TShirts! Follow us on Twitter http Write us a letter! The Key of Awesome PO Box 23 New York, NY 10113
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In order to be a good girlfriend, a woman should avoid getting excitable, blaming their boyfriend and criticizing their boyfriend. Be loving and supportive to be a good girlfriend with advice from a dating coach in this free video on relationship issues. Expert: Donna Barnes Contact: Bio: Donna Barnes is a professional life coach, relationship expert, television host, author, columnist and producer, based in New York City. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
Video Rating: 4 / 5


48 thoughts on “Ask Pitbull Live!! Relationship Advice

  1. I’m a new subscriber! U guys are great! And people in newyork really thought todd was pitbull! Amazing! I watched like 30 of ur videos last nite even though I just discovered u on youtube yesterday! That’s how awsum u guys are!

  2. I have live footage of Pitbull’s recent Chicago performance at Charter One Pavilion, including an interview with Pitbull backstage. Check it out in my videos!

  3. todd your pitbull accent is just like the real pitbulls IT IS SO AWESOME KEEP DOING IT !!! MORE VIDEOS WITH PITBULL AND VOLDEMORT :D

  4. Be supportive, make him feel good about himself, don’t be a drama queen, and don’t blame him. Umm hello?! Want to tell me something that’s not completely obvious??

  5. What is the novelty? If the girlfriend is supportive., loving and so on.. it ‘ll work of course. tell us something we dont know, please

  6. Dear Ms. Barnes, thank you so much for this wonderfully insightful video. This is THE height of it. It is because of you and your kind that those mussies shnuk in. Remember, a bad days fishing is always worse than a good days hurlin [stop]. Listen, tis gone cauld. Dont be a drama queen, what type of periodical shit is that? And also, ye may as well be burnin it.


    Dr. Jim Furek.

    for furher information please follow this link:

  7. You came at Us Women like girls Lady! We Do Not Have to Put up with Nothing they Do, bcus of what we Feel ! So it’s the womans fault, bcus it’s not what he’s doing it’s how we feel!? Where did you go to school!? You’re an Idiot!

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  9. me and my bf are the shy type and we dont really talk and we go to school together i wanna go up to him and hug him and say hi but im to shy to can u please help me with this please i dont wanna lose him over my shyness :*(

  10. well i am only 13 and please all the bf’s i had they liked how i was but yeah its alright you dont know what i do am not a sorry person either

  11. Well in this comment you made me cry, between how old are you and what are your credentials, perhaps this line ” i do sorport him” what you do him sorport or SUPPORT. If i were him i would dump your sorry ass or would move out someplace safe.

  12. Ohhh isnt that sweet, next time he pumps a pussy what are you gonna do, PUMP A PUSSY. how delusional you are you think liking something he likes is a GOOD IDEA, well it isnt sugarpuff your making him insecure, your trying to cover the ground where he walks and trying to pursue him like a shadow which is not a good sign and it makes you seem possessive and a bit lunatic and perhaps a little bit retard, so step back from the field dear, give him space let him work dont close on him.

  13. The way to be a good gf is to treat him with respect and he will show you respect back and love. go out of your way to show him that you care and love him. even if it is just the little things. he will do the same. please him in ALL ways possible including ENOUGH sex.. and being open minded to things. many guys want to try thing they have seen or been told about. all ways spice it up. try new stuff instead of the t same thing over and over again. and defiantly don’t put him down! just try it =D

  14. yes i am a good girlfriend
    and because i let him know if he needs someone to talk to to come and tell me anything . I do sorport him in everything he does and always here for him nomatter what and i always tell him stuff that makes him laugh

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  16. Some of this advice is good, espically the whole “drama queen” part, it doesn’t mean that you should let your boyfriend walk all over you but it also does not mean to be a nagging harpie and be a bit nicer to him, as you give you shall receive

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