Asian Pick Up Artist EXPOSED on Network TV on ABC!!! Karen Holmes, from Channel 5 ABC, interviews JT the Asian Playboy, CEO and Founder of the ABCs of Attraction (The #1 Dating Program for Asian- and Other- Men), on her show Boston Cityline. JT discusses why he created the Asian Playboy persona in order to combat negative stereotypes, Kamikaze direct openers, how women react to being approached, dealing with racism & prejudice, how dating is different for men of color, the ABCs bootcamps that are held globally, one of the proudest moments in being a PUA instructor, dating black women, general dating advice, and the Valentine’s Day Challenge.

FULL VIDEO: Sasha Daygame shows a direct street pick up and the importance of re-opening a girl.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


49 thoughts on “Asian Pick Up Artist EXPOSED on Network TV on ABC!!!

  1. What a TOTAL SCAM! Those Asian guys got NOTHING for their $3000 that they paid. What suckers. I have a REAL SOLUTION that gets REAL RESULTS. Once you try it, you won’t go back. Guaranteed. Come visit my site and forum at HappierAbroad and ditch this PUA BS nonsense.

    Once you see my site and my proof, you will be convinced that Global Dating is the best and only real solution to the male loneliness epidemic in America, both for Asian and white men.

    HappierAbroad dot c o m

  2. @Thealmostguy Heh, it’s been two months. I don’t recall responding ANY of my previous comments to you. If someone else’s conversation ended months or years ago, you don’t need to bring it back up again especially if no one was directing at you.Plus, I disagreed with Allen’s comment since I don’t believe everyone’s straight. I think everyone’s bi to an extent. Sorrry, for backing up my opinion. At least I explain what I believe rather than going around insulting and trolling people.

  3. @XOSiren18XO It’s a joke, you know, a bit of word play and misdirection. I don’t know why you’re being so anal about it. (Anal in the sense of being over analytical, as opposed to putting ones penis up anothers butt crack, just to make the distinction before you point it out.)

  4. @allensugar AND I know you did state that word by word BUT your comment does send a message headed into that direction. You should probably watch your wording next time.

  5. @allensugar So? Ever heard of homosexuality? I find your comment offensive – you’re saying if a guy hits on you, you’d reject him because you’re a guy. You could have said you’re not attracted to men. Being a guy doesn’t mean you can’t date or hit on other men. Whether or not you meant it like that your wording DEFINITELY sends out a message saying: “Men can’t hit on other men – you know why? because they’re a guy.” I hope you realize not everyone’s straight

  6. This issue with this is that you’re only approaching the Asians that are more white-washed. If you were to use the same tactics on a girls that are terribly shy and shall I say “fob”, I can’t see how you can succeed.

    Confidence can get you only so far. Your personality as a whole dictates whether she wants to be your gf or not. Especially with fobs, they tend to want the shy type of guys too.

  7. Good ABC is the network that airs John Stossel’s show, so I wanna see John asking these PUA clowns some though questions.

    There is no such thing as seduction:) its all in your head, you never know whether the girl didnt like U even before U opened your mouth for example.

    Are there any SCIENTIFIC experiments confirming seduction?

    Cause on SeductionMyth c o m you can find studies that bring results contrary to what the PUAs claim

  8. Lol, this guy’s trying to coach Asian guys to date girls?? I’d have a better chance teaching you guys how to bake a pie.

  9. some of the comments are sooo dumb.. i like this video and im a woman. i think the v-day card bit at the end is totally cool.


  11. Hey Sasha! I hope you respond to this important question: Are you ever gonna settle with a girl? You probably picked up countless number of girls. Haven’t you found the one yet? Are you ever gonna find her? Does she even exist? Sorry for asking too many questions but I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

  12. hey, sasha, first of all, i love your videos and your work, its really helping me a lot!! but why can´t i see your videos on anymore?

  13. @apvoboril yeh he has guts……but the way in which he forces him self onto the women, you know he doesn’t take no for an answer even when the women is clearly not interested. Heck she just gave him her number so he can go away.

  14. @TheOneAndOnlycE i totally agree. Unfortunately the community wants a quick fix to their women problems. The so called PUA gurus are totally aware of this and sell the community a bunch of techniques, making them rich at their student’s expense.

  15. totally approaching the game the wrong way. You just don’t pick up any girl, this is the numbers game, u may get 1 girl out of 10, your just wasting way to much energy, waste your energy on the ones that “choose’ you. You need to look for women giving you eye contact and then approach. Be aware and percepttive. To increase choosing signals work out, go to gym, increase your physical attractiveness, dress better and most important build your confidence.

  16. @myyoutubsuperchannel You’re right man, if you feel bad about yourself you’re not going to have a lot of success with women. I’d say figure out what you’re feeling shitty about and work on that, and yourself first. Only when you truly feel good about yourself can you succeed with women.

    How long have you felt this way? What’s the cause? What steps can you take to fix it? It may take a while, but it will ultimately be worth it in the end. Email me if you’re gonna top yourself :P

  17. My interview and discussion with Sasha Daygame on “Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie” (my talk radio podcast program) is being downloaded like crazy!! Go to BlogTalkRadio . com / modeone to listen…

  18. Hi Sasha, only the thought of having to put up with a role and play it in order to try to get a girl makes me feel pathetic on the inside and I feel I barely have enough energy to stay in two feet. (I was actually feeling sick in my stomach watching you clwoning around in this video) Obviously, with the mindset I have now, if I’d push myself to do it anyway, I’d send a shitty negative vibe and creep the shit out of her. Any advice?

  19. @woofuuckimswaggedout naw man – I didn’t have ‘em at first. I was a fucking pussy - I grew the balls myself ;)

  20. @4hell0123 I guess so, Running in the middle of the street and stopping women is “DHV”. Isnt that more being a threatning stranger… This is the best bullshit I have ever seen in PUA! NO DHV NO NEG….He an amateur!!

  21. Yeah good job bro!

    btw… do you tell the girls after the approach that you are filming them and uploading on the internet? :D

  22. @4hell0123 She obviously wanted to by her body language. What the hell is the point of this if you don’t end up getting a chick at all? This shit is weird.

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