Are pick up artists ripping off evolutionary theory?

I discuss some strategies used by ‘pick up artists’ and how they relate to evolutionary theory. Follow me on Twitter! @FearBlandness
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25 thoughts on “Are pick up artists ripping off evolutionary theory?

  1. @Usernamenottaken2k
    im not saying it can never be understood. im just saying its massively more complicated. sure some insights can be gained, and yes confidence can be gained simply through effort made and then some success

    its like if u tell someone “be confident” its not gonna work. “confidence” is something thats read on a subconscious level so it can’t be “cheated”. much like all the workings of attraction

  2. @ekhoury1000 What about sales? Can a person become a great salesman through workshops and diligent training? Or is this also a you either got it or you don’t? If so then you need to clarify how attraction is a process that we will never understand at a conscious level and be able to consciously utilize. I.e. as a pick-up artist.

  3. @Usernamenottaken2k
    i used the tennis example as a simple analogy. however the attraction process is different again to tennis in that it is an almost entirely subconscious process. neither participant is aware of the whats going on, and neither participant consciously decides who they are attracted to. so through thousands of years of evolution, attraction has a built-in “anti-cheat” mechanism!!

  4. FearBlandness. I think your title is misleading. You’re entire clip is a put down on one man’s book. Hardly a fair representation of all the different philosophies of the PUA-community today. So for one who espouses such a strong opinion I’d like a broader sample for your argumentation.
    Secondly. Ripping off evolutionary theory? I may have misread your intention but to be clear, is it plagiarism that is bothering you?

  5. @ekhoury1000 so there are only a couple things to get good at to be a good tennisplayer? Shit. Didn’t know that. You can teach a guy to play tennis but not pick up? Come on bro. It’s a skillsett just like anything else.

  6. Wait, because I’m naturally weird, is why I attract aggressive women who are losers & flakes? Makes sense. I am perfectly aware that I am not good mate material, so I don’t insult women by trying to pick them up. I will however allow a seemingly sober, sane and interesting woman to pick me up, with the fair warning that they may be making a mistake. I am not playing games, this is who I am. I don’t go out in public any more, because I am too strange, apparently, to attract anyone sustainable.

  7. I don’t agree that this is how evolution works, it is the changes in the whole species not individuals. It is not a one sex that uses tactics to get the other sex into bed.

  8. I’ve only read a part of the book, but what was pretty clear from me is that it isn’t best understood using an evolutionary approach. What this most plays on the competitive nature of women. For instance, peacocking is mostly about getting women to talk about them, which makes them an object for women to compete over.

    I learned on my own that when I have received a lot of attention from women, that it had a lot more to do with them competing with each other than it had to do with me.

  9. I’ve got a great method for picking up people! : ) Become a cabbie, or better yet, a bus driver! : )) Any way I feel sincerely sorry for people who think that human sexuality is all there is to life or that all we are alive for is to reproduce.

  10. You might be delving into greedy reductionism here. Pick up artists don’t have to prey on primordial urges- there are plenty of culturally transmitted ideas to exploit. Trying to explain everything in terms of genetics is anticipating that there’s no alternative “memetic” explanation. Human behavior should be analyzed from a cultural perspective before it is taken to the level of survival/reproduction.
    You may be right, but an analysis of the memes should come first.

  11. i have read up on some pua stuff and played with it a little. i think you have the idea of “negging” wrong. you can’t use a neg on a typical girl, you can only be successful with it by using it on a girl who thinks she is out of your league. you neg her to show you that she is not out of your league, it breaks down the bitch shield.

    and i have an amazing self esteem, it stems from being a veteran. you simply got the idea of what a neg does is all wrong.

  12. My friend and I used to watch that Pick Up Artist show and mercilessly mock all the silly jargon they used. We would try to make up new acronyms, many of them STD related… HIV’s were “high indicators of value” and AIDS were “active indicators of disinterest”.

    We had alternate versions of just about every term/strategy on the show. Good, clean fun.

  13. I  can see why you dislike the first two strategies, but I don’t see the harm in peacocking. Is there something wrong with showing off your silly or frivolous side, even knowing this may attract people who themselves have a sense of humor.

  14. low self esteem ? I would suggest looking for better ways to pickup women is driven more by the male sex drive, instead this time he is trying to use his head as well as his… besides “picking up” to improve your self esteem is done by members of both genders. Can you really say you have NEVER had this intention? come on be honest, just because you wont read a book on how to improve your success does not give you the ethical high ground.

  15. I dunno. I think smart women are cool.

    So what sort of pickup technique do you think would work on you? Or do you like to do the picking up?

    BTW, I think your hair looks great. Let it grow a bit longer and stick to strapless dresses with the hair hanging over your front and, well, subs and views will probably rise in spite of your well thought out values.

  16. More than ripping off it, they’re exploiting it. If people are dumb enough to fall for those tricks, it’s kind of sad, but I don’t find it disgusting, morally reprehensible or stuff like that. It’s just… life.

  17. @TheAtheistPaladin

    Yes, this is indeed a ‘thing’

    Best advice I’ve heard is to observe and watch for what these women want (what they respond to) not what the SAY they want.

  18. @Friendough

    Presumably the behaviour can be explained by ‘low self esteem’, but I’m still skeptical that is always the case…

  19. I have a foolproof system for picking up women. It’s a bit complicated, but basically it involves being a decent person and not trying to pick up women with foolproof systems.

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