America’s Most Aggressive Pick Up Artist

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24 thoughts on “America’s Most Aggressive Pick Up Artist

  1. why dont you look up things on youtube about this guy before talking shit? Outstanding idiot. He is well known for his method of picking up girls.

  2. Wow, this is the most full of shit story i have ever heard… lmao… “Anonymous Woman”… OK… Broseph… This story sounds in-congruent, he gets more then one girl a week… do you think he would spend that much money on one dumb girl that was stupid enough to fall for his shit in the first place which he had met in 1 week?… Yet another news network trying to spin shit to get ratings.. Cheers Bud!.. Going to feed my cat now

  3. Exactly, you’re right. It’s funny how people (women) hate on him but at the same time they go for these kinda men. It’s k for women to turn men down, to be treated as divine goddesses, to put them on the pedestal. But it somehow is wrong when you don’t? I’ve been the weak/nice/considerate friend and I’ve been turned down. Years ago I’ve met rich, young, entrepreneur alpha males. They taught me to be confident have women play my game instead of the other way around, and YES it works. fck beta.

  4. (1) move out of your mom’s basement. (2) get off the computer. (3) get a fucking job so you could afford your own place. (4) get a fucking life.

    the end

  5. Bragging? That would be you dick breath.I’m a virgin?Wrong.Like I said I’m 30 I haven’t lived with my parents since 2003 nice try though.Your parents must be proud their mentally challenged daughter can use the computer.When your dad was contemplating where to put that load he def chose the wrong place.He should have blasted your old lady in the face!!! BTW it’s called a phone not a computer.Get with the times pimples.I love internet tough girls like yourself.Proving how much confidence you lack

  6. “I fucked 5 girls all through high school” <– impressive. it’s pretty difficult to have 5 imaginary fuck friends. lol. come on. really? the only people who brag about their scores are virgins. my advise to you is to move out of your mom’s basement. get off the computer and have a life. the end.

  7. women know men ultimately want sex WITHOUT him having to say that right away. This approach forces her to give an answer immediately about whether she wants sex with him, which she might not know yet. If it’s a no, it’s awkward for both, and leaves little hope for him to go further with her(b/c she already said no).
    This says: I’m stupid/insane
    or: I don’t care that much about you, so I won’t give you time to decide or save you from awkwardness, give me the answer now.

  8. I fucked 5 girls all through high school-I’m not sure how many hook-ups just included head-,then I fucked 6 the summer I graduated.Through college and by the time I was done bartending it was 44.Now at 30 it’s 60 something; I quit counting..Shortcomings? Not even close douche.I wouldn’t trade my teenage yrs with nobody especially you.I’m glad the bulk came in my 20′s when I blossomed along with when females actually have a clue.I can tell by your attitude the only vag you see is on your computer

  9. looks like you didn’t get laid in highschool too. LOL. i feel bad for you dude. the rest of us normal people DID get laid even in highschool. i’m really sorry your teenage life wasn’t that kind to you. if only… if only these people had gotten laid in their teenage years, they wouldn’t look laughable and douchey trying to over-compensate for their shotcomings. LMFAO.

  10. LOL huh?No guy is racking up serious numbers in high school.Anyone saying they’re is full of shit.No guy really even knows all about fucking in highschool.Guy’s hit their sexual peak at 25-40.Don’t act like you are mr stud in your pimple face days while your balls deep for a whole 5min.LMFAO give me a break.Teenage yrs that’s fucking comical.Also remember this dude is like 35 girls of the 90′s weren’t pigs at 16-22 like they’re now.

  11. Unless you’re gay science guy is right..Do you go up to girls you don’t want to fuck?That makes sense.Passive guy’s lose one way or the other.

  12. This guy catches a lot of hate on all the shows that he’s on but in reality, he’s exactly the type of guy that women are naturally attracted too (no matter how much they hate to admit it).
    Read the guide on bethebadboy{dot}com if you want a clear explanation of it all (that’s where I learned a lot from) but there’s an obvious reason why guys like this succeed with women and the “nice guys” are left jerking off using their tears as lube.
    Nice = weak/ beta male
    Asshole = strong/alpha

  13. so women on here calling him a twat , why are women ok to pick and choose and leave their optoions open butmen are not ? , hypocrites , ive seen many women laugh in the face of shy guys so its nice to see this guy doing his thing

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  15. If his tactics works on women and he gets pussy constantly then everyone is hating. The proof is is the pudding.

  16. woman want all the power and can’t help freaking out when they see a guy who can bust all there defenses and get right through.
    you are talking about the girl, i think the thing she her self could do was tell him no more contact it makes me uncomfortable but she didn’t because she needs ego boost, she can play with emotions of guys all the time but when a guy does it they think he is so bad, well trust me if we are acting like this you are to be blamed equally, call me for a debate..

  17. Paul Janka is my fucking hero. I used to have zero confidence and zero luck with girls, but thanks to his advice, I’m well on my way to becoming a PUA. The only reason he gets a “bad reputation” is because of today’s overly politically correct society, where men who act like men are looked down upon, and women are put on an artificial pedestal.
    All you haters and feminazis can go fuck off. Paul Janka is awesome.

  18. The guy clearly has a mind problem, but do these people from the show do anything else but laught about him and critizice him instead of finding him help???

  19. Pick up artist?! If he looked even a little bit worse he’d be called a fucking maniac psycho and would be searched for by police. Now, just because he’s attractive everyone’s calling him PUA? Outstanding citizen?! You americans are sure freaking me out…

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