Amazing Pickup Artist in Action!

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14 thoughts on “Amazing Pickup Artist in Action!

  1. I looked over some of the posts on here. I believe that that is a favourable video clip. My cousin just wants to become effective with women. He figured out a lot from a web page called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The information in relation to getting chicks from clubs in those emails from that site gave got him his 1st fucks in 2 long years. I was really bothered though coz I heard them all.

  2. 100% macgoddy fake people are lame, and women weed them out anyway. Pick up artistry has nothing to do with that though. A good teacher tries to bring out your confidence by giving your the tools you need. Knowing who you are, greater understanding of a womans psychology. Where I`m from men are very simple, women complicated and misunderstood, which is why they are so hard to talk to. A guy who is scared to approach a woman and has no idea what women like, might need help. Read my other comment

  3. Its rather about knowing who you are and what you want. Being honest with yourself builds huge confidence, all confidence is, is trusting who you are and what you do. Mystery does do a lot of routines, thats fine, if you don`t have any original input, whats wrong with talking about stuff you already said to someone else? Who has infinite stories stories. Is it a trick to try and be seen? Sure people want to show off their shape/sense of style. We lust with our eyes, we want to see the package.

  4. Live and in action!
    Watch and learn from a PICK-UP master who’s got THE rap down!

    I found these MAN ON THE STREET videos from NYC in the 90′s — This guy JERRY RIO is very funny conducting interesting outrageous interviews on the city streets. Very sarcastic New Yorkers. Like a 1990′s time capsule – Humorous observations and sociological exploration – I loved Rio’s tours of the many pop & trash culture landmarks that are gone forever.

    Click on BoB

  5. Women? Genuine? That’s a laugh!

    The truth is both men and women have thier own set of “tricks” when they are persuing (or want to be persued)… Women dress up in ways they normally wouldn’t, wear makeup, walk a certain way, talk a certain way, flirt more, ect. Bottom line is they know exactly what they are doing when they want to be noticed… it’s just as much of an “act” as anything presented here.

  6. The sad thing about this whole pick up artistry thingy is that the only genuine people here or any other place is the women because they aren’t using cheezy approaches, subliminal techniques and pickup lines to get something, i find that being genuine is better than this sellout b.s they’re teaching, be yourselves or remain miserable and lost from pretending all the time because once she sense your acting its a wrap!

  7. Huge clubs are better. After rejection work another location.
    Super PICK UP STUD in real live action!
    I discovered these amazing videos by JERRY RIO from his 90′s NYC access cable show. The humor is timeless and still funny. YouTube’s first MAN ON THE STREET engages the public in a series of outrageous interviews, conversations and various pranks. Watch Jerry share his humorous socio/psychological/cultural observations in these unique pre internet era videos. ADULT CONTENT
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  8. His Wing , called Style is a short … i wouldn’t say ugly but he’s not hansom, fat guy. and he is just as success full as mystery himself. Watch the Mystery method’s on youtube, he will pop up a few times.

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