amazing kiss close – senia pick up artist

an example of a kiss close. pick up artist.
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25 thoughts on “amazing kiss close – senia pick up artist

  1. Wow.. Nice work man, I’m not a pickup artist, but i think (judging by looking at this video) it would have been much easier if you took control of the situation more than handing out it to her. I meant l see a bit of a polarity shift in this incident. girl is playing a bit too much ‘daddy’ character. she tries to dominate while it should be you who should pull out the femaleness inside her. Get the idea. :)
    Just my idea on it.
    Anyways you did a damn good job!

  2. lol. thanks man :)
    actually I’m glad to get along with Arabs. So it’s not weird.
    Not that I’m all “peace and love” type of guy, but I like interesting, smart and cool people of every nation!

  3. This is actually disturbingly cute. You don’t see that much “cuteness” in other pickups…. and the chick is the intelligent cool type.

    The nice unthreatening approach.. good smile.. lots of early kino and interesting routines.

    No need for complicated super power attraction crap. I also liked the fact that you kindda defended your friend and called her out on referring to him as a “weirdo”. if you agreed with her, you’d have probably blown it up.

    Thumbs up from an Arab “weird?” lol

  4. then you get a number. what you want is the number? :)

    actually I don’t really care. I just posted it to help people. if you think that your advice is better than the video: the stage is yours.

  5. LOL doing all that for a peck on the lips,just a waste of life. I find just smiling saying hello n asking for their number is best n gets what you want.

  6. hey my brother from another mother,
    you have solid game, was really impressiv and delightful, due to the fact that you used stuff i have not known. partially- i used to live in israel for sherut leumi in 2007/2008. best girls in the world. am in barcelona now and am pulling chick after chick. to find another excuse to go to israel, what are you up to in october? wanna sarge two or three days? would be cool exchanging material and wing each other.
    let me know:

  7. that is bullshit. a – a girl who knows what you are doing is gonna talk to you because you have something in common. b – if you are good, you are good in all conditions. c – in israel every girl knows what I’m doing, and if not, her friend will tell her. Doesn’t stop me dating 5 girls in a week,

  8. u know stop with this shit !!!the less the chicks know bout the pua thang ,the quicker u get to the point. They dont need shit bout our world, just stick to the motherfuckin material brooo

  9. Do you have reading-comprehension problems?

    I’m saying THERE IS NO special magical method. Its always a numbers game. She either likes you or not. IF she does, you can make out in the first 30 seconds. If she doesn’t like you, your “gaming” is just delaying the inevitable rejection.

  10. Post vids of your astounding 30 second pick-up game then master novy. Why aren’t people talking about aleknovy method if you’re so damn great.

  11. very very good man!

    i liked it cause it’s very spontaneous and it’s far away from the “perfect” kiss close that the so-called gurus try to sell

    structure is very simple and natural: 1. approach and make a comment on her so the conversation will start 2. simply have fun, and flirt back n forth 3. in the end with a little kino and talking about a possible kiss , go for the kiss :D

  12. @AlekNovy – yo stfu already mane. what are you trying to prove the guy you are the womanizer or some shit? he honestly doesnt care and he gets girls in his ways.

    sure his game is really creepy and kind of like a robot doing steps by the book but it works as you see.

    and i donno about you, but woman rarely approach me unless they are drunk, and im a good looking guy with a built body, always dress nice, and have a smile on my face at most times.

  13. Well, we could theorize (KJ) for months, how about a simple challenge.

    Next 100 chicks you approach/get approached by, try to escalate to kiss within first 30 seconds. Just do it.
    Then, do 100 chicks where you run your ussual “game” and do all this work.

    If I’m right, you’ll get the exact same number of makeouts in both cases… Most people who have tested this, have confirmed it. Game and “creating attraction” is a myth. Feel free to test and prove wrong in practice.

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