Alex The Pickup Artist – How To Approach Women Learn how to pickup women like top pickup artists like Mystery, Neil Strauss (author of the game). Mystery method, pua, vh1 pickup artist, pick up girls,the pickup artist vh1,pua openers,pua videos,pickup girls,street pickups,
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25 thoughts on “Alex The Pickup Artist – How To Approach Women

  1. lmao thanks for maken me a friendly asshole lawl
    trolls are dangerous…….so i shoot arrows at them lol but seriously ty.

  2. Alex lives in a diffrent country. i think he should come to america and help american guys get american girls. girls are diffrent all over the world!!!!?

  3. This is true, if anything about increasing your value of life… It’s great to just chat with random people… Another trick I use a lot is stealing their names off their name tags… Oh hey Britney… blah blah blah.. people love hearing their name, it really brightens their day, especially at toll booths if you’re getting change or anything really..

  4. Mystery is too much more showboat based, while Alex is something that any guy can easily do. Another thing with Mystery’s material SO! many guys basically just say exactly what he says or are what is written in the books. I was at this bar the other night and this guy took half of what was written in The Game to use on this girl, her face said it all “I’ve heard this a million times”, I came up to her a few minutes later, and by the end of the night her friends and mine left for our place.

  5. I tried this at a Costa Coffee, I said: ‘what would you reccommend, Tea or a latte, she said go for the Latte, I said ‘ that solves it tea it is and she laughed, 100% works this, thanks Alex your a legend!

  6. @mrfatd :P  Alex is the man for Day Game hands down. =D He was however a Mystery Method Instructor for quite some time.

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