Advice In Being in a Long Distance Relationship

BTW: I don’t know everything about a relationship. Everyone is different, but I feel that some of these key points are important as well! Be happy and in lov…
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20 thoughts on “Advice In Being in a Long Distance Relationship

  1. well….between me and my GF is a rlly big distance :) but we make i work…and we are togheter for almost 2 years :) and hope we will be more time from now on xD

  2. I’ve been in a LDR for 3 years now & all I can say is the distance has made us unbreakable! I know we can over come anything. We’re so very in love with each other! & I totally agree with you in this video.

  3. This was a very interesting video i like i will try it …….My bf is moving to Maryland and ‘m still going to be her in Tortola B.V.I…….And he says that he wants to have a long distance relationship but the thought of not seeing him hurts……H said that is mom said she will try to bring him down every summer and christmas….. oh by the way he is going for 4 years

  4. She’s lives in austrilia and I live in the uk I want to see her so bad I’m counting down the days to see her

  5. Should your ldr keep it from their parents? She’s 16 is i never thought it was a problem if her parents knew or not. Her sisters know and her friends. But should I mention it when she’s older or should I try now? We’ve been in an ldr for a year now.

  6. me my self and my bf is in LDR i love him so much he lives in cordele ga and i live in moultire ga and i wanna see him so bad

  7. I have long distance relationship too! ..I made a song for her! :) tell me how you like it! :) /watch?v=7Gg3yi1rq7I

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