Advice Friday: Long Distance Relationship TIPS!

LOL @ the cutesy and super cheesy thumbnail!! Here are 10 tips that help Derp & I SURVIVE the 5000 miles of distance between us :D Send me love!: Gloria Nav…

Beck and Jade give relationship advice on The Slap.
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37 thoughts on “Advice Friday: Long Distance Relationship TIPS!

  1. I’m dying to know if the shirt she is wearing is a Doctor Who shirt. TARDIS blue and a bowtie, maybe an 11th Doctor shirt? :)

  2. This video I like alot because I live in Buffalo new your , and my bf lives in Rhode Island. I like all your tips. Thanks G!!!

  3. First of all, you’re such a wonderful person Gloria, love you 3
    I’m from Finland, and I met an American guy online a bit over a year ago. We’ll be able to meet for the first time in summer 2014. I haven’t had a boyfriend before and sometimes it really scares me that what if we won’t work out in real life. It feels hard not to be able to be with the one you’re in love with, but hopefully everything will be worth the wait eventually (:

  4. my other half is korean and im hungarian. we met in hungary and were together for 1.5 years, but 2 months ago he had to go home, and i can only follow him a year later.
    long distance relationship can be really painful, but if u really love each other, it makes your love even stronger!!
    i would also add, text really all the time about what u r doing, and even if u just have 2-3 hours, when there is a nite in both of your countries, wake up a little for each other and sleep together on skype!;)

  5. be honest with him? OR you could hide it, go and buy him a man’s deoderant that you like or a spray for him you like the smell of and give it to him as a gift, if he says “what’s this for?” just say “i smelled this and thought of *insert good time you had with him here* and say “and it smells really nice, will you wear it for me?” but i’d stick with honesty..easy to say, hard to do, your call.

  6. Beck: ok, you need to chill. Jade: or else what? Beck: or else I won’t talk to you for the rest of the day, you gonna chill? Jade:hmh yes

  7. Replace “youtube” with “youtubeskip” in the URL to skip the ads. Don’t tell anyone.

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