About A Girl – Online Dating: Slim Pickings

The Horrors of Online Dating. This is a story about a girl I just met. You don’t have to get nervous when you’re around a girl. Chloe is the most amazing girl in the world. Tips and advice. New Every Wednesday. Watch more About A Girl Videos: www.youtube.com ***** www.twitter.com www.facebook.com www.projectdynamite.com *****


25 thoughts on “About A Girl – Online Dating: Slim Pickings

  1. Funny, my cousin enjoys situations of this nature so I saved this unique video for her. A very beautiful vid to watch, very pleasant without a doubt.

  2. Clearly the white guys gay. Very gay. The reason he must have had his heart broken a lot was that he was sending gay vibes all along.

  3. Find out what he likes, what he is interested in, and if you have any of those talents that he may like, then BE AWSOME. As a guy, I love it when a women is shows how virtuous she is….. but this is from a guy who’s been single his whole life :P

  4. Hey I have watched your videos from the begining. If you love Chloe so much then tell her how feel, don’t choke budd you’ll get the answer you want. Your better than this joke Brett everyone knows it, even Chloe!

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