5 Ways to Get a Girl

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45 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get a Girl

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  2. You’re right, that is messed up. Unfortunately, girls who have been in a relationship for a while are the easiest to pick up, and will often take a more ‘active’ role in the courtship process. It takes a man of good values and strong moral fibre to resist corrupt poon.

  3. Hi, guys. I’m literally in this state when I go to a Disco. I mean I can talk to any woman even if she is in a group of males/females etc. right after a friend points to some girl. But I have a big trouble doing the same in the street/cafe/public places other than Disco. Just can’t do anything about it. Could you help with an advice? It’s just I have a fear that the girl would call police/complain etc.

  4. No offense but I think only the Asian guy gets girls because who the fuck gives compliments to girls when they first meet?

  5. You call that success? He lacks respect. I don’t care if the girl is throwing herself at you, you don’t kiss another dude’s girlfriend.

  6. You should go die in a hole. “try top gain some fucking confidence” ? What do you think these guys are teaching you to do?

  7. I definitely agree that this is not the way to go about things. Although I don’t think you should be so mean. I know a guy like this at my college and basically what these guys do to get girls is to become completely numb and not give a shit. So every interaction they have with girls is completely superficial and pointless. I wish I had more confidence when talking to girls but I want confidence in the idea that I could make something real out of it. But I agree that this is very douchey.

  8. @MrTristen420 look at your username dumb fuck, your life is probably all based around getting high. Nice values you wizkid. These guys probably get more pussy in a night then you ever will.

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