31″ Extending Magnetic Pickup Flashlight (Various Colors)

31″ Extending Magnetic Pickup Flashlight (Various Colors)

  • Extendable flashlight with magnetic tip
  • Great for finding dropped or lost items
  • Collapsible, compact design for easy storage
  • Extends from 7.5 to 32-inches
  • Assorted pink, purple, blue or green colors, color is chosen based on availabilty

Find dropped or lost items easily with the extendable magnetic flashlight. It’s telescopic handle extends from 7-1/2 to 32-inches. Collapsible, compact design is perfect for home, office, glove compartments or bags. With it’s built in flashlight and magnetic tip, finding screws, small car parts, earring backs and other small items has never been easier. Flashlight is controlled with a simple twist of the barrel. Molded handle in assorted pink, purple, blue or green colors (colors are assorted

List Price: $ 9.99


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