215-365 The Sun Comes Up but Its Still In Shadow

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215-365 The Sun Comes Up but Its Still In Shadow
pick up artists

Image by johngarghan
As an artist I have many ongoing projects.(365 is one), but my main body of work is finding and photographing dumped burnt out cars.
During the last 18 months these acts of vandalism have been very low and when they do happen the cars are towed away very quickly. So when I found this car while taking Bonnie for her night walk I was determined not to let it get away and I stayed awake all night ready for the light and a chance to click. Even once I started I was looking over my shoulder for the pick up truck that would take it away from me. It must of came while I was catching up on my sleep.

Blue Goddess 1
pick up artists

Image by the justified sinner
Made for the "Secret Santa" game on the Artist-To-Artist Flickr Group.

I’m not going to post who this is for, as it wouldn’t be secret then, but someone will be receiving this in the next week or two!

Made, as usual, from found steel; both the washer and the large circular element were lying beside the road and were picked up for my by one of my students – a fellow cyclist.

Set with a beautiful labradorite, blue topaz and lapis-lazuli.

Hi-Ex 2012 024
pick up artists

Image by byronv2
The Team Girl Comic stand – I meant to get back to pick up a couple of issues once I got some change and sadly by the time I came out of the next panel discussion I was too late! Sorry, gals, really did mean to get back for those…


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